Guide turistiche costa smeralda
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Service and Tourism Agency

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Costa Smeralda Service

Our services are characterized by a warm Sardinian welcome and hospitality 
and by an impeccable organization at a high Swiss level.
We organize, accompany and welcome,
in Italian–Swiss German–German-English (other languages ​​on request)

The Agency

with headquarter in Zurich and branch in Olbia,
is a Sardinia specialized and worldwide operative
tourist and service agency.

Our staff of travel consultants and highly trained tourist guides
will gladly advise you on:
excursions, routes, organizations and rates, carriers, car rentals, boats, hotels, restaurants and much more.

We are confident in an excellent cooperation,
please contact us.

We will reply within 48 hours!

Sunny greetings

Lucia Achena GM

Costa smeralda

Tourist Consultancy and Services

Tour Guides
Tourist assistance
Tour Operator Consultancy 
Educationals in Sardinia
Incoming Sardinia
Destination consulting
Destination management
Event consulting and management
Location consulting and management
Wedding and Party planner
Airport services
Transfer services
Hotel assistance
Incentives Sardinia
Tour Sardinia
Cycling and Byking
Trekking and Carving
Sports in Sardinia
Cruise services
Guided archelogy and history
Cooking classes
Photo/video services
Translations and Synchronizations

Guide turistiche costa smeralda

Contact us!
We will reply within 48 hours!

Sunny greetings
Lucia Achena Gm